WEBINAR: Implementing Compliance, Security & Privacy (Perspectives from High Growth Fintechs)

September 23, 2020
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Moderator: Yasir Ali @ PolymerPanelists: Ian Purvis @ OpenFin | Faraz Rana @ Bread | Alia Luria @ InfrontCompliance | Tim Fairweather @ Arctiq Topics:What is Sensitive Data for a Fintech? | Elections and what that means for my Compliance?| How is SOC2 & ISO helping me in my overall Privacy Framework? | Work From Home and Privacy-Open season for Interpretation. | "My SaaS is end-to-end encrypted. Doesn't that handle all my Security?" | "My Cloud Provider is GDPR compliant. I’m done.. right?" | Day 0-"Is there such a thing as a Security Playbook?"

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